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SPRINGER RUN PLUS sport Insole for Achillodynia

Makes it look sophisticated—our special sports insole with biomechanical footbed, for good heel support and secure foot striking, also relieves the knee and Achilles tendon.



1 – Abrasion-resistant functional fiber with COOLMAX  technology for a fresh and dry foot climate—animal-free


2 –Adaptive EVA foam counteracts foot warmth with 3D footbed synchronization of foot and shoe for 100% contact and higher performance. Always stays dry and hygienic thanks to the closed-cell structure of the foam material.

3 – Heel pad made of absorbent special foam for good shock absorption, protects joints and ligaments

4 – Dynamic transverse arch pad offers biomechanical forefoot relief with a light cross-arch cushion, for less strain and more endurance.

5 – Biomechanical metatarsal bridge features excellent heel support for optimal foot striking, thereby providing relief to the knee and Achilles tendon.


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Sport shoe

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