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RUN FREE running insole for knee pain

Gives freedom and support at the same time—our sports insole with patented groove technology is best suited for overpronation and creates a pleasant foot climate. It optimizes stride length and walking posture and makes tired feet feel reinvigorated.



1 –Abrasion-resistant, breathable 3D functional fiber with COOLMAX technology quickly wicks moisture away from the foot, cools comfortably and is very durable—even under heavy use. Ultra-hygienic cover material thanks to antibacterial fiber. Certified quality according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, guaranteed free of harmful substances.


2 –Adaptive EVA foam provides 3D footbed synchronization of foot and shoe when the foot heats up—for 100% contact and greater performance.

3 – Tear-resistant groove technology for optimized walking movement—stable in the rear foot and natural in the forefoot

4 – Dynamic transverse arch pad offers biomechanical forefoot relief along with a light cross-arch cushion for less strain and more endurance

5 – Biomechanical metatarsal bridge features excellent heel support for optimal foot striking, thereby providing relief to the knee and Achilles tendon.

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