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DAILY BLACK insole for forefoot pain

The classic for every shoe—our soft-bedding and thera­peutic feel-good insole, with its slim design is ideal for daily wearing in everyday and professional life.


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Cover Material

1 – Our soft, breathable microfiber fabric is guaranteed to be animal-free. Its wicking action ensures a fresh and dry foot climate.

Footbed (Sole)

2Long-sole EVA foam with memory function. After two weeks, the insole adapts to the individual foot shape and provides improved pressure distribution under the sole. No slipping in the shoe—guaranteed. Absorbs up to 75% of harmful vibrations.

3Stable carrier layer designed to protect the material and maintain its durability.


4Biomechanical splay foot pad for stable, yet gentle support—relieves splay foot and forefoot pain.

5Anatomical metatarsal support provides stability and promotes a natural body posture during running, walking and standing. Improves pressure distribution under the sole. Provides relief and prevention of foot and knee pain along with ankle stabilization. Relieves and supports both ligaments and bones.

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